Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs Customer Apparel

As a form of branding, customer apparel helps a firm grow distinctly through creating a lasting impression. The way a company brands itself determines how potential customers and clients view the business. Regardless of its size, a company should have a form of branding that makes customers believe in it and helps it to compete fairly with other businesses in its field.

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Not only do customer apparel build customer loyalty, but it also improves the perception that clients have about the company. Additionally, customers tend to associate themselves with recognized brands that offer high-quality items. It’s from this improved trust that a company will realize increased sales as well as growth. Apparels also let customers quickly identify you. For example, if you walked into a new store and you need help from one of the salespersons, it would be easy to identify one if they have customer apparel with them.

Company culture

Establishing a style guide directs employees on what is expected of them hence eliminating guesswork by the staff. It also demonstrates professionalism especially for employees who perform tasks outside the normal office settings. Additionally, employees who identify themselves through apparels tend to identify more with the company’s goals and objectives hence abiding by its principles. For example, if a plumber would show up at your home looking untidy and with no form of identification, you may not feel confident in the work he is going to do as to opposed to when he would show up in an embroidered t-shirt/polo shirt bearing the company’s logo.

Economical way of advertising

Corporate branding can be an expensive venture depending on the choice of advertising. Customer apparel is inexpensive, yet it has so much benefit to the company if it’s well managed. It’s a primary form of communication and it can be used to promote different products and messages to a wide range of people. Additionally, customers gain a positive experience from associating with the company through its apparel which will most likely reflect in the consistency of sales.  It’s therefore important for any business to improve its perception towards customers as well as clients through apparel.

3 Unique Uses for Monograms

Monograms are often used as gifts meant to leave a mark on special occasions such as weddings. They mainly appear in coins and jewelry, and they have their way of bringing out a classic charm depending on the art drawn. The use of monograms dates back to 350 BC where they were mainly used on coins. Monograms mostly comprise of the first name, middle as well as the last names initial in the case of a personal monogram. Couples may also choose monograms for their identity and in such a case, the bride picks on the groom’s last name. We also have custom monograms that are mainly drawn by illustrators or letterer. Regardless of the type of monogram, there are other unique ways through which you can use monograms as discussed below.

Wedding gifts

Monograms are perfect wedding gifts, but in this case, it would be wise to let the guest know so they give their opinion on how they would want the monogram to appear. You may also want to include a note while presenting the gift offering to personalize the gift if you didn’t consult with the couple before giving the gift. Aside from this, monograms can also be used for digital purposes on wedding websites by inserting them into a picture or the website logo.


There are also certain items such as napkins, pillows, towels or even handkerchiefs that can be monogrammed. In most cases, towels are marked at the center of one end, so they’re easily seen while hanging the towel on a rack. Pillowcases can also have monogram near the hem, at the center. It is preferable to use simple monogram of a single initial as opposed to complicated monograms while using them on pillows. Napkins, on the other hand, are marked diagonally on the side of one corner.

At the reception

This boils down to adding a personal touch to that special event you have where you can have tablecloths bearing a monogram of your initials or even that or your partner. This way, you bring out the elegance in a simple and redefined way to your reception. Further, you can hang the monograms on the chairs where your guests will be sitting at the dinner. We also have the familiar tradition of having a wedding cake decorated with the couple’s monogram which takes the creativity to a whole new level in the use of monograms.